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Campaigning together for the future of the South Bank.

Long term vision. Action today.

Can you imagine a sustainable neighbourhood in this post-industrial area? A green area with a mix of housing? All the facilities that people would need to live, work and spend their leisure time? An area where people will want to come and stay?

Come and join the effort to develop ideas co-operatively and deliver elements of the vision. Help to unlock the potential of the area.

LSDG Documents

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Hunslet Stray

Hunslet Stray brochure 2014 – a proposal for a walking and cycling route from Leeds Bridge to the colleges on the South Bank. Hunslet-Stray-Low-Res (.pdf) This shows what an advantage it would be for pedestrians to be able to get across the river and straight down Hunslet Stray to the emerging ‘education quarter’ on Leeds […]


Sovereign Square Footbridge

Proposal for a footbridge to connect the Sovereign Square public space with the south side of the river. Sovereign Square Footbridge (.pdf)  

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LSDG Guideline Principles

Our ways of working and the ideas behind the vision. Guiding principles (.doc)

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Bradford urban village approved

By Louisa Clarence-Smith | Residential | 05-11-2015| Canal Road Urban Village has secured planning consent for a £150m development of 1,000 homes in Bradford city centre. The Urbo Regeneration and Bradford Metropolitan district council joint venture plans to build out the 74-acre New Bolton Woods site over the next 10 years. The scheme will also […]

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Leeds public realm strategy

Discussion document showcasing 5 city centre schemes that have been delivered, 3 in progress and 10 areas of the city centre that are in need of reworking. On the page near the end presenting the principles underlying the proposals: “The public realm examples given in this booklet have evolved through careful consideration over the last […]

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Other articles

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Smart regeneration

Demos Helsinki & Nordic Smart Regeneration This new report is on ‘Smart cities’ – but not just technology. They talk of ‘bits and atoms’ coming together. There are case studies of ‘smartups’ experimenting in enterprise in new economic niches. There’s also scenario thinking and some examples of how the scenarios might play out in real places.

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Hunslet Riverside

Hunslet-Riverside-Regeneration-Plan LCC plans – Hunslet riverside “There is clearly further regeneration and development potential in this area to be realised through targeted work on an under-utilised river frontage, significant brownfield land, key historic assets of the currently vacant Hunslet and Victoria Mills, substantial council land holdings and operational buildings. This requires a co-ordinated approach to […]

Land at Tower Works - 1

Tower Works

An application has been made for the second phase of Tower Works. Click here for link See news: Click here for link    

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