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Temple Works - interior 1

David Lumb draws attention to the still-unresolved fate of Temple Works

Temple Works, like many other areas of Leeds City Centre South still haunted by post-industrial dereliction, is emblematic of a city without a plan.   Leeds has no shared, pragmatic framework for delivering sustainable regeneration in an area that has been crying out for an innovative masterplan for well over a decade now.   ‘Leeds […]


Cradle of Innovation LSDG is supporting and acting as publisher for: A book and an exhibition to celebrate Leeds innovators of the past and present and to support future innovation “Science and technology, art and fashion, entertainment, banking and finance, research and higher education – these activities all flourish in the creative and intellectual ferment that characterises […]

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City Centre South – LCC workshops 20 April

Here’s the piece for Leeds Civic Trust newsletter: The future of city centre south – April workshops.pdf

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Hunslet Stray

Hunslet Stray brochure 2014 – a proposal for a walking and cycling route from Leeds Bridge to the colleges on the South Bank. Hunslet-Stray-Low-Res (.pdf) This shows what an advantage it would be for pedestrians to be able to get across the river and straight down Hunslet Stray to the emerging ‘education quarter’ on Leeds […]

16005_SK-160114_Proposed Concept Footbridge med res

Sovereign Square Footbridge

Proposal for a footbridge to connect the Sovereign Square public space with the south side of the river. As part of the redevelopment of the south bank of the River Aire in Leeds city centre a new footbridge is proposed across the river to link Sovereign Square on the north bank to the area of […]

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LSDG Guideline Principles

Our ways of working and the ideas behind the vision. Guiding principles (.doc)

HS2 – Chamber paper July 2015

LSDG contributes to thinking about how HS2 can best fit into Leeds and link to the region. HS2 – Chamber paper July 2015 (.pdf)  

Wolfson Prize submission – a garden in the city

LSDG’s 2014 vision for ‘a garden city within a city’ – a long-term plan for a green place where people will want to live, work and have their being. Wolfson Prize submission – a garden in the city (pdf)  


The New South Bank

LSDG Vision Prospectus October 2013 The Leeds Sustainable Development Group (LSDG) published a prospectus for delivering its vision for a new city centre community to the south of the river. The LSDG is responding to the Leeds City Council’s long term aim for Leeds to be the ‘Best City in the UK’ in the period 2011 […]

Presentation to landowners – July 2011

Engaging with owners of sites in the Leeds South Bank area to demonstrate the potential. Presentation to landowners – July 2011 (.pptx)