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Artists leading regeneration

An old station building animated by artists – Oberhausen, Germany

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What does ‘liveable’ mean?

A short video from Liveable Cities Lab. The speaker is a sculptor, artist, landscape architect and interdisciplinary urban planner. Liveable Cities Lab is based in Uberlingen on the shores of Lake Constance, not far from Freiburg, southern Germany.

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What Mexico City learned by devoting an office to designing public spaces

“… it is the Public Space Authority, rather than developers, that dictates which way development is going”. See more about the way cities can lead with public space design and implementation.

Car-free city

What will happen when there are fewer cars in cities?

Don’t pay a premium for a garage. A decade from now self-driving cars will make urban homes with less parking more attractive. Do pay a premium for proximity to a subway station or rail station. As the number of partially or completely carless households increases, more people will value such a location. A home next to […]

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Holbeck buildings in need of attention

The regeneration of the South Bank is moving apace, with a host of buildings and derelict sites put back into use, and even more now earmarked for the future. But these five buildings are still waiting for the investors to see their potential and restore them to their former glory. Leeds list: the 5 buildings

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An unusual large building

” … a playfully irreverent aesthetic is met by a deft capacity for architectural problem-solving, thoughtfully considering the unique challenges of each site.” See more pictures here.


Chair Fest on Hunslet Road

Leeds City College students turned chairs into works of art one day in December. They created a temporary Urban Sculpture Park opposite the college.

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Smart regeneration

Demos Helsinki & Nordic Smart Regeneration This new report is on ‘Smart cities’ – but not just technology. They talk of ‘bits and atoms’ coming together. There are case studies of ‘smartups’ experimenting in enterprise in new economic niches. There’s also scenario thinking and some examples of how the scenarios might play out in real places.

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Hunslet Riverside

Hunslet-Riverside-Regeneration-Plan LCC plans – Hunslet riverside “There is clearly further regeneration and development potential in this area to be realised through targeted work on an under-utilised river frontage, significant brownfield land, key historic assets of the currently vacant Hunslet and Victoria Mills, substantial council land holdings and operational buildings. This requires a co-ordinated approach to […]

Land at Tower Works - 1

Tower Works

An application has been made for the second phase of Tower Works. Click here for link See news: Click here for link