What will happen when there are fewer cars in cities?

Car-free city
  • Don’t pay a premium for a garage. A decade from now self-driving cars will make urban homes with less parking more attractive.
  • Do pay a premium for proximity to a subway station or rail station. As the number of partially or completely carless households increases, more people will value such a location.
  • A home next to an unsightly parking garage may one day be situated next to a new park or a new block of coffee shops and restaurants.
  • “A hundred years ago, the car was the reason that cities became something entirely different than villages, with sprawl, painful commutes and gated communities. Now the self-driving car may bring the old idea of a village back to the future”.

See the article here.

Bristol city centre carries out an experiment:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 09.58.59

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