Campaigning together for the future of the South Bank.

Long term vision. Action today.

Can you imagine a sustainable neighbourhood in this post-industrial area? A green area with a mix of housing? All the facilities that people would need to live, work and spend their leisure time? An area where people will want to come and stay?

Come and join the effort to develop ideas co-operatively and deliver elements of the vision. Help to unlock the potential of the area.

LSDG Documents

Temple Works - interior 1

David Lumb draws attention to the still-unresolved fate of Temple Works

Temple Works, like many other areas of Leeds City Centre South still haunted by post-industrial dereliction, is emblematic of a city without a plan.   Leeds has no shared, pragmatic framework for delivering sustainable regeneration in an area that has been crying out for an innovative masterplan for well over a decade now.   ‘Leeds […]


Cradle of Innovation LSDG is supporting and acting as publisher for: A book and an exhibition to celebrate Leeds innovators of the past and present and to support future innovation “Science and technology, art and fashion, entertainment, banking and finance, research and higher education – these activities all flourish in the creative and intellectual ferment that characterises […]

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City Centre South – LCC workshops 20 April

Here’s the piece for Leeds Civic Trust newsletter: The future of city centre south – April workshops.pdf

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Leeds CIty Region interactive map - sample 30 Nov 18

Leeds City Region interactive map

A multi-layer map was made available 28 Nov 2018, covering the whole of Leeds City Region. Note that the buttons to switch on layers have ‘expansion arrows’ giving access to more detail. Those of us who know the area well will notice that there are some elements that are not up to date and that categories […]

RU in Waterstones

Leeds: Cradle of Innovation – on sale

LSDG publication, Leeds: Cradle of Innovation, is now on sale in Waterstone’s, Albion Street and online via our website. Written by Rachael Unsworth and Steven Burt, it celebrates innovation past and present. The day after its publication WYCA asked for copies to help woo Channel 4. Impact??  

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Northern Forest

50 million trees are to be planted between Hull and Liverpool. Environment Secretary, Michael Gove: “Trees are some of our most cherished natural assets and living evidence of our investment for future generations. Not only are they a source of beauty and wonder, but a way to manage flood risk, protect precious species, and create healthier […]

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Other articles

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Artists leading regeneration

An old station building animated by artists – Oberhausen, Germany

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What does ‘liveable’ mean?

A short video from Liveable Cities Lab. The speaker is a sculptor, artist, landscape architect and interdisciplinary urban planner. Liveable Cities Lab is based in Uberlingen on the shores of Lake Constance, not far from Freiburg, southern Germany.

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What Mexico City learned by devoting an office to designing public spaces

“… it is the Public Space Authority, rather than developers, that dictates which way development is going”. See more about the way cities can lead with public space design and implementation.

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